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Board of Directors

FAQs - Board of Directors Nominations
In accordance with provisions of The Regional Health Authority Act, the Minister of Health will appoint directors to each Regional Health Authority (RHA) Board. The appointments will represent a broad cross section of interests, experience and expertise with a single common feature of strong commitment to restructuring the health system and improving health for Manitobans. The directors will be selected from nominations elicited from a wide range of individuals and organizations interested in and involved with health services. The Minister has indicated geographic representation will be considered when making the appointments.

General Responsibilities of Board Members
The board's responsibility is to provide leadership, allocate resources and be accountable. Boards have the authority to fulfill the mandate of the region, they provide the constructive critic role in decision-making, and are at the same time, advocates of the RHA. Individual board members need to be committed to the board, involved and informed.


Nominees must:
-be eighteen (18) years of age as of the date of the appointment
-have a strong commitment to improving the health system, to supporting their RHA and to improving the health of Manitobans
-have strong communication skills
-be able to attend board meetings on a regular basis
-be able to comply with regional conflict of interest guidelines

The following are NOT eligible to be directors:
-the CEO of the RHA
-any person who provides professional advice to the RHA for remuneration

However, health care providers who provide services to the health region ARE eligible for appointment to the board. Other considerations for board appointments include financial or legal skills; experience in leadership, business or human resources; or familiarity with strategic planning and policy development.

Term of Appointment
No director shall be appointed for a term exceeding three years. If reappointed, a director may serve for a maximum of six consecutive years.

Nomination Form
Any resident of a health region may, for the board of the regional health authority for that region, nominate a person or persons, including himself or herself. Nomination forms for each year's appointments are available at your RHA Office, community health offices or health facilities within the region. Nomination forms may be submitted directly to your RHA Office or to the Minister of Health.

Submission deadline:
December 15 each year

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