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Lakeshore Hospital Guild donates $90,000 for portable ultrasound machine and EMS stretchers

Ashern Lakeshore Hospital patients are benefiting from a very generous donation from the Lakeshore Hospital Guild. A total of $90,000 was raised to purchase a portable ultrasound machine and two new modern stretchers for emergency medical services paramedic staff.

“Thanks to the generosity of the community we were able to reach our goal in a less than eight months as part of our Guild’s 40th anniversary last year,” says Shelley Bjornsson, Chair of the Lakeshore Hospital Guild. “Once we talked to the community we had wonderful support from friends and businesses.”

The Lakeshore Hospital Guild raised money through its annual spring tea, sales from homemade canned jellies, baking and appeals to local businesses. Instrumental in the large donation were individual donations of $25,000 from the estate of Alice Sutton; $20,000 from the Royal Canadian Legion #57, $11,000 from Reg and Lenore Hoover; and $10,000 from Noventis Credit Union.

The portable ultrasound has the flexibility to provide doctors with the ability to visualize blood vessels, muscles, tendons, nerves, internal organs, and eyes so they can diagnose or rule out potentially serious medical issues in the emergency department. This will reduce the need for patients to be sent for tests in other hospitals. Two physicians have already pursued training on their own for the ultrasound machine.

The stretcher provides a smoother transport for patients and allows paramedics to lift patients with the touch of a button. From letting the Guild know of the need for new stretchers to arranging the purchase of the equipment, local Ashern paramedic Dustin VanDamme was instrumental in arranging for the new stretchers.

“These power-lift stretchers, capable of hydraulically lifting patients of up to 700lbs, drastically improve the chances of those paramedics being able to safely do their job and serve their patients,” says Dustin VanDamme. “We are endlessly grateful to the Lakeshore Guild and their supporters for getting us there.”

The Guild has also recently facilitated the purchase of new sleeper chairs for the palliative care room. The Interlake-Eastern RHA thanks the Guild, local businesses and individual donors for their generosity to Lakeshore General Hospital.
Pictured with the new portable ultrasound machine is front row from left to right: Guild members  Julie Bergner, Shelley Bjornson, and Royal Canadian Legion #57 member Maria Ebbers.

Back Row from left to right: Royal Canadian Legion #57 Legion member Donna Price, Dr. Chris Okpaleke, Royal Canadian Legion #57 Legion member, Bill Ebbers, Dr. Ayman Soliman, acute care manager Charlene Thorkelson, Dr. Rezvaneh Azad-Armaki and Dr. Armin Sabri.


Pictured with the new stretchers is from left to right first row: Guild members Julie Bergner, Shelley Bjornson, paramedic supervisor Lenore Olafson and paramedic Byron Hernandez.
Second row: Guild member Lise Jones, paramedic supervisor Shelley Karlson-Eastman, paramedic Kim Dubek and paramedic Nicole Puelles.
Last row: paramedic supervisor Blair Milling, paramedics Richard Carrier and Cory Rey, paramedic supervisor, Bryan Diboll and paramedic Tanner Bollenbach.


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