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Discover the Spirit of Caring Regional course provides training in compassionate care
There has been – and will continue to be – difficult and challenging times for hospital patients, residents of personal care homes, and anyone else who is faced with serious medical issues. It is during such trying times that the need for compassionate, relationship–based care becomes most acute.

In these instances, spiritual care is often seen as the most effective means to help those in times of illness and vulnerability. To meet the ongoing need for spiritual care throughout the region, Interlake–Eastern Regional Health Authority(IERHA) is offering its Spirit of Caring course this spring.

The nine–week program, that runs once a week starting May 9 in Oakbank, covers areas such as  understanding suffering and compassion, trauma and crisis, communication and spiritual development. 

“This is a course that will build the capacity and increase self–awareness of the participants to engage in the practice of spiritual care, particularly in changing situations such as might occur in a health–care setting,” says Marion Magnusson, regional spiritual health services coordinator of the Interlake–Eastern RHA. “We welcome those interested in the spiritual aspect of life in general, and in health care particularly, and with the goal of becoming a spiritual care volunteer with the IERHA.” 

In addition to helping patients find their peace, inner strength and courage, participants often take many other positives away from the experience.

“They gain insight and expand their ability to care for themselves, their colleagues, and the patients and families they serve,” Marion says. “They experience a renewed sense of being part of a health–care community called to care for those in their greatest times of need.”

For more information or to register, please call or email Marion Magnusson, regional spiritual health services coordinator at 204-785-7028 or 204-641-1379 or via e–mail: Registration deadline is April, 15.

“It is a course that prepares volunteers to accompany and support people in a health care setting in a respectful, caring and compassionate way,” Marion adds. “We invite all who are interested to learn to walk alongside and support these many patients and residents.” 

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