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Dietitian weighs in on new Canada Food Guide 2019: A picture says a thousand words!

Canada’s new food guide puts an emphasis on vegetables and fruits and also has healthy eating recommendations to help guide people’s decision making on what they eat.

Karen Omichinski, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with Interlake-Eastern RHA, says Canada’s Food Guide 2019 reflects current scientific evidence and makes it easy to promote health and prevent chronic disease.

“A big change is the creation of a protein group, made up of meats, eggs, milk and yogurt, with a greater focus on plant based proteins such as dried peas, beans and lentils and nuts.  Suggested serving sizes and numbers are eliminated,” says Omichinski.  “A basic plate method of eating allows us to visualize the proportion of foods on our plate for our meals.”

The image in the guide shows one half of a plate of colorful vegetables and fruit, one quarter of a plate of lean unprocessed protein foods, with the other quarter of the plate showcasing whole grain foods.  Canadians are encouraged to make water the drink of choice, be mindful of eating habits, cook more often and enjoy meals with others.

The encourages everyone to use food labels, limit foods high in sodium, sugars or saturated fat, and be aware that food marketing (found in television, social media and celebrity endorsements) can influence eating habits.

Dietitians are part of primary health care teams in Interlake-Eastern RHA. People can be referred to a dietitian through their regular doctor or nurse practitioner or anyone can phone for an appointment to get help in making healthier food choices and to increase understanding of how food affects health.

Free classes for healthy eating are available through the Community Wellness program. Call 1-877-979-WELL (9355) to find out more or visit, click on “Care in Your Community” and “Community Wellness Team”.

Canada's Food Guide is a nutrition guide produced by Health Canada. It is the second most requested Canadian government publication behind the Income Tax Forms.
It is available at   

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From left to right: Karen Omichinski, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator at HEW Primary Health Care Centre in Beausejour: 204-268-2288; Lisa Oliver, registered dietitian at Beausejour Primary Health Care Centre: 204-268-4966: Alisyn Makowski, registered dietitian at Pine Falls Primary Care Centre: 204-367-2278: Kristen Ticknor, registered dietitian at Pinawa Medical Clinic: 204-753-2351 and Lac du Bonnet Health Centre: 204 345-8173.

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Canada’s 2019 Food Guide was released earlier this year in January





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