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Interlake health care aide certificate program now accepting applicants for students to study closer to home!

Red River College and Interlake-Eastern RHA have partnered to bring Interlake residents Red River College's Health Care Aide certificate program closer to home starting February 2019. This program helps students gain the skills and knowledge needed to assist patients in hospitals, home-care and personal care settings. 

Students who complete Red River College's Health Care Aide certificate program are in-demand, and have the training required to transition smoothly from theory to practicum to work.

The program is five-months long with six weeks of hands-on experience providing immediate opportunities for jobs upon successful completion of the program. In fact, many students are offered employment while still completing their practicum.

“We have a strong and continued need for health care aides in our RHA,” says Randy Dallinger, Interlake-Eastern RHA vice president of human resources, “That need isn’t going away – it something we’re planning for into the future and this program helps Interlake residents get the training they need closer to home.”  

The program also provides an opportunity for people interested in the health-care field to create connections at nearby hospitals and long-term care homes, which is useful for those who hope to continue their education and move into other specialized areas. 

Apply today to reserve a seat in one of Red River College’s upcoming programs:

Arborg – Start date: Feb. 4, 2019
Stonewall –  Start date: Feb. 5, 2019
Selkirk – Start date: March 4, 2019

To register, call 1.866.946.3241 or visit

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