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Safe proof your home to prevent falls for older adults this winter

Prevent falls for older adults

As we head into winter, it’s important to remember that all of us, especially older adults, are at more significant risk of injuries due to falls. About 20-30% of Canadian seniors fall each year. Those who fall once are twice as likely to fall again. In Canada, falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations for older adults, accounting for 85% of injury-related hospitalizations. Most falls often occur in the home and t
he most common cause of falling in older adults is slipping or stumbling from ground level. To make your home safer and prevent falls, follow these home safety tips:

  • Remove things in your home that could cause you to trip such as throw rugs, clutter and electrical cords;
  • Have good lighting in all rooms, hallways, outside steps and entrances;
  • Clean up spills right away so that you don’t slip;
  • Add grab bars to your shower and/or tub;
  • Add handrails to both sides of stairs and edging strips to each step;
  • Make sure sidewalks, decks and other walking areas are well lit, non-slip and free of clutter;
  • Keep entrances free of snow and ice in winter;

For more information on falls prevention for older adults, visit the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority website at

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