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Deadline extended to July 31st for applications to join Interlake-Eastern RHA’s Local Health Involvement Groups

Interlake-Eastern RHA is seeking applicants who want to be a part of health care decision making. Local Health Involvement Group (LHIG) members will explore ideas and provide advice to Interlake-Eastern RHA's Board of Directors for consideration on topics directly linked to the Boards’ strategic priorities. Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority residents who have an interest in improving health care in the region and who are able to commit the time required to participate in the Local Health Involvement Group are encouraged to apply. The deadline for LHIG applications has been extended to July 31.

All applications will be reviewed by a committee of the RHA’s Board of Directors. People who are selected will participate in one of three LHIGs across the region. It’s expected there will be at least four, two hour meetings of each Local Health Involvement Group per year. LHIG members will also receive an orientation to the RHA in late August. Each group can determine if they’d like to take advantage of conference calling and webinars to reduce travel requirements in winter months.

What’s it like to be part of a LHIG and what value does it bring to our region? Here is some of the testimony from previous LHIG members as well as a member of our Interlake-Eastern regional Board of Directors:

LHIG membership has given me new insight into the successes and challenges of providing healthcare in our area. Changes in healthcare delivery are inevitable; and planning service approaches is more effective for patients if the local [health] authority is aware of issues and needs of citizens. The Board of IERHA has responded positively to suggestions from the LHIGS and have made a conscientious effort to translate concerns into policies and procedures. I especially liked the fact that the process and terms of the LHIGS are ever evolving according to constant LHIG and Board communication.”

  • Gail, LHIG member, East

“As a layperson when dealing with anything medical I feel that I am slowly, learning what is available within the IERHA services, facilities, and what I can expect in terms of medical assistance when it is required.  As a community member I am able to bring forward the concerns and experiences that our residents and communities have when it comes to receiving medical services; and their concerns for the future availability and delivery of all medical services including doctors, hospitals,  care homes, ambulances and all other services required for their and the community's health.”

  • Henry – LHIG member, West

“I have the honour of representing the IERHA Board of Directors on two of the three Local Health Involvement Groups (LHIG) in the Interlake-Eastern RHA. It is my pleasure to hear the wealth of information that the groups bring to the table. Having a diverse membership joining this committee allows for wonderful community feedback and is crucial to giving our Board guidance in any regional health concerns. The information shared helps direct us toward positive changes to make our health care system the best that it can be.”

  • Judy Dunn – Interlake-Eastern Board of Directors


LHIG Composition by Geography:  LHIG membership in our region is divided up into three distinct geographic areas:

 entral  – reflects residents living in the northern most limit of East St. Paul, including Selkirk, Beausejour, Oakbank and Stonewall.

East  – reflects residents living in the area that starts at the point of intersection with the Eastern boundary of the Province of Manitoba and the Southern limit of the Trans Canada, including all towns and First Nations on the East side of lake Winnipeg.

 West   reflects residents living in the northwestern most limit of the RM of East St. Paul to the intersection with the shoreline of Lake Manitoba including all towns and First Nation communities up to and including Berens River First Nation.

To access a copy of the application form online at and click on “About Us” and “Community Involvement”.  For more information call Pamela McCallum at (204) 785-7044 or

Applications must be received by July 31, 2018 to be considered.  




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